Between September 28 and October 1st, we had the pleasure of attending the Monaco Yacht Show 2016, one of the largest and most important profile events of the year. With over 500 high-calibre companies specialized in yacht manufacturing, design and luxury services and thousands of attendees every day, it turned out to be an amazing opportunity for us to roll out our new Virtual Reality solution.

Here at Formma, we aim to create amazing experiences. The rise and growth of the Virtual Reality market led us to believe this new and constantly evolving technology can be used to grow businesses, generate leads, increase conversion and establish strong client connections.

With the expansion of the virtual reality market, we discovered that exploiting new and immersive ways to present products and services is a necessity. That’s why we developed a new tool for creating unique and unseen experiences in VR. Whether it is an apartment or a yacht, you can easily offer extraordinary experiences to your clients, and stand out from your competition by being a pioneer of this revolutionary technology.

For the Monaco Yacht Show, we prepared a fully-immersive yacht presentation for the Samsung GearVR, working together with the team at Iron Bubble to create some stunning stereoscopic shots. The showing includes interior and exterior panoramas of the yacht, with incredible detail, a full journey that allows the user to navigate around the yacht and most importantly, it allows the user to customize his environment in real-time, either by changing the setting from day to night mode, by swapping the room style from classic to modern or by personalizing the furniture.

It was really exciting bringing our solution in front of users and seeing their reactions to this new immersive experience. Our VR solution is fully tailored to fit each business’ needs and we work closely with each client to reach the desired outcome and ensure the highest quality results. We analyse your business, identify the potential to grow and increase leads, build the best experience to make you stand out and evolve. For inquiries regarding our VR solution, book a free consultation by contacting us!